Monday, April 2, 2018


Lots of stuff happening this past month! We always like to browse around realty sites and gaze at spots just for fun. We also like to chat about wanting to a small apartment condo to cut down on housing costs and maintenance headaches. Suddenly a fully renovated little condo at just the size we need, in an area we've always liked, on the ground floor (which we also need for the kitties to get outdoors) popped up with a very nice price and a very comfortable condo fee.

So we reached out to our realtor and decided to go for it. Rolling over the equity from selling our current place should work out nicely for cutting our housing costs down to very sensible levels.

Still getting through the process of selling the old place and buying the new one which is no small amount of stress and hassle (and I hope to never go through it again). But changes I'm excited about are finally in the works after many years of pining about the current setup.

Additionally I'm transitioning to a new job that promises to be far more tolerable than what I've been doing for the past year - with a nice raise to boot...

Not only that, but after fits and spurts of DH dropping classes and putting off finishing any level of degrees he tried switching his major yet again, this time to general studies and poof - his associates appeared based on credits already achieved.

At the risk of sounding superstitious, I like to attribute all this good luck to the aggressive clutter clearing we started this year. (Although we will still have a ways to go before the new place does not feel stuffed.)

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