Thursday, February 8, 2018


When New Year's rolled around, DH and I woke up to the fact that we had let ourselves slide back into mindless consumption mode quite far last year, and realized that we needed to give our frugal quest a bit of a reboot.

So we indulged in some resolution-making for the new year, starting with some specifics targeting our spending weaknesses. For example we both swore off any new clothes or shoes this year, having collected quite a few nice new pieces over the past couple of years. DH had to swear off his habit of digging around the internet for hot deals on nice toys and buying them. We piled up so many in our home storage spaces that we ended up showering kiddo with far more gifts than was good for her throughout December, many of which were characters and things that had already stopped trending weeks or months earlier. When we finally stopped ourselves from handing any more to her, we still had several leftover to save as gifts for other kids' birthday parties. (This resulted in a bit of detox phase for her in January.)

We both swore off any further alcohol purchases until at least mid-year, having both amassed a collection of bottles representing far more than we would realistically consume in that amount of time.

I swore off any book purchases, both for me and for kiddo, since we already visit the library frequently.

Additionally, I've imposed some strict social media rules on myself after repeatedly kicking myself several times for wasting far too much time getting sucked into feeds and emotional about comment threads.

So far it's yielding some nice results in terms of mindset, for all three of us. After a full month, I've felt a precipitous drop in my desire to either shop online (or in physical stores) or waste time on Facebook and Twitter. I've been avoiding televised news more too (again). Kiddo has also passed through the detox phase of asking if there's yet another surprise present for her on random nights of the week.

Desires for other expensive things have dropped sharply. Even experiences. When faced with the decision of what to do on a possible weekday off, a month ago DH and I wanted to go check out a fancy wine bar in the city. Now we just want to indulge in some Korean takeout and relax at home.

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