Thursday, September 22, 2016


Over the years I've grown very bah-humbug about many traditional American festivities. Thanksgiving has hovered the top of that list for some time now. To me it's all started to feel like a whole lot of fuss that every year feels less and less worth the cost, effort, and stress.

Christmas has joined that list, too. We had thought about unloading our Christmas deco but decided against it since kiddo is enchanted by things Christmas like decorated trees in the house (and presents, of course). DH and I have no interest in pushing the idea of Santa, however due to peers he may end up remaining part of the season magic, but preferably with no theatrics on our part to sell it.

Halloween costumes have also been on that list for several years, now. Since kiddo is one of those odd fish with no interest whatsoever in candy, this year we plan to take the additional steps of skipping candy purchases for the neighborhood kids and leaving the house to do something entirely un-Halloween-y (and likely much more frugal) together.

Parties in general have joined the list, too. I can probably blame parenthood for that, with a steep drop in alcohol tolerance and energy levels (which were already well below average in the pre-kid days), has prompted me to more boldly indulge my introverted-ness. Rock concerts, which can be fun excitement depending on the musician performing, have likewise started to feel less and less worth the time, money, and effort required to execute plans for attending them.

Overall I'd say this is largely from laziness, lower energy levels, and shifting tastes due to aging and parenthood. But perhaps the silver lining of parenthood is that it's taught me to prioritize activities better for my spare time.  For example I find travel for the three of us, getting out of the house, out of town, and visiting new attractions together, to still be worth the time, effort, and money involved in planning and executing.

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